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​Youth RESET is grateful for the support of a number of local advisors who donate their time, energy and resources to help us to realise our Vision. Read more about them below.

Dr Raj Sehdev

Dr Raj Sehdev

Townsville General Hospital

As a medical professional for three decades and an ED Staff Specialist at Townsville University Hospital for fifteen years, Raj has an interest in supporting both his colleagues and his patients with everyday wellbeing. Raj views mindfulness as a powerful tool for assisting wellbeing and performance for everyone, including our youth.

“In preparing to hand the baton to the younger generations, we should be curious and creative in finding effective ways to help them explore how to navigate life’s challenges. I feel that being a part of the RESET Advisors team will allow diverse approaches and perspectives to be brought to our discussions on how to work in this space.”

Raj has been an intermittent yoga and meditation practitioner over many years. Attending local classes when life permits gives Raj a sense of grounding, which he values.


Kate Wallace

Kate Wallace

Senior Guidance Officer

Kate has been a teacher, guidance officer and recently a senior guidance, for 15 years with Education Queensland.

“My wellbeing journey began the day I started my teaching career. I had never really thought about wellbeing as something that had to be taught, until I met some very special kids who ended up teaching me! It was overwhelming to realise that not all people are born equal when you have a great upbringing. Through my development as a teacher and later as a Guidance Officer, I began to see the impact one person can have on a young person’s life. I see how small things can make a huge difference to someone’s day.”

For eleven years, much of Kate’s work has been supporting teams to develop a wellbeing framework which targets students on all levels of need from Whole School, Intervention and Complex Case Management. Kate has seen how building a school culture which explicitly teaches wellbeing in all forms, is achievable through everyday conversation, annual events and weekly lessons targeted at school wellbeing data.

“Wellbeing is everybody’s business and this culture that we have developed at Northern Beaches State High School, makes a difference to the lives of so many young people every day. It is the inclusion of programs like Youth RESET at our school, that is why I am happy to advise and support the expansion of this work to reach more students, teachers and schools!”


Sonia Anear

Sonia Anear

Mental Health Diversional Therapist

Working in a private mental health hospital as a Diversional Therapist for over 5 years, facilitating yoga, mindfulness, meditation and art therapy programs, Sonia has seen first hand the benefit of these tools on the mental health of people of all ages.

Prior to this, Sonia has 20 years experience across a broad range of sectors from healthcare to workplace health and safety and higher education, both as a healthcare practitioner and in business development, project management and technical writing roles.

“The need to equip our youth with life skills to develop self-awareness and self-regulation is perhaps greater than ever. Being part of the RESET advisory team where like minded professionals come together to support this much needed social enterprise is a natural progression and a way I can give back to our community.”


Ricky Esterquest

Ricky Esterquest

Towards Better

Ricky is a Social Entrepreneur, Dynamic Leader & Educator of ‘Good Life Strategies’, and Managing Partner of a Community Development organisation called Towards Better based in Townsville, North QLD.
Committed to bringing out the best in people and communities, Ricky teaches workshops, professional development solutions and mentors with a focus on the inclusion of people with disabilities in the fabric of community life.

Ricky is a family man, baseball player, committee member, Crossfit enthusiast, lifelong learner, lover of peanut butter and the QLD Social Enterprise Council (QSEC) Regional Champion. He is enthusiastic about discovering, mobilising, and connecting the assets, skills, and passions of social changemakers in North Queensland to build a better Townsville.

“I believe that with the right tools, resources, and opportunities, young people can lead the way in creating long lasting change in their own communities. Youth RESET is a perfect foundation to bring this to life in Townsville and beyond and I am grateful to be on the advisory board of this impactful, change-making, youth driven, social enterprise.”


Sue Christensen

Sue Christensen


Sue has been a Classroom Teacher, Physical Education Specialist, Deputy Principal, a Support Teacher and an Inclusion Teacher within Education Queensland for over 30 years.

Having experienced the daily challenges of curriculum constraints, incessant workloads and everyday disengagement / behavioural concerns, Sue provides a wealth of knowledge and advice in support of our programs for schools.

“Developing learning that is aligned to engage, inspire and achieve high expectations is certainly an overwhelming challenge for teachers. Implementing programs to make learning easy, while incorporating social, emotional and physical breaks to explicitly support learning differences, is needed now more than ever.”

Sue believes that providing an honest and calm space, coupled with connection and listening on all levels, no matter what is presented, is paramount as a teacher. Teaching with the inclusion of real-life practices and being able to connect with students on their level, equips students to be calmer, braver, and happier. Providing a supportive and safe learning environment is an essential key to the positive outcomes Sue has seen through her decades of teaching.

“Understanding the importance of overall well-being is imperative within today’s society. It is essential that educators incorporate ‘space‘ and ‘time’ to connect, develop and grow to create a true sense of belief, connection and self-worth. I’ve had the honour of meeting and working with Jasmine over many years through Yoga Tools for Schools Inc. Being involved in this inspirational and worthwhile program is a sincere privilege as this is the missing link needed for our youth to crack the code of social, emotional and relationship skills for lifelong well-being balance.”


Lee Kynaston

Lee Kynaston

Head of Dept. Student Development

As an educator for more than 20 years, Lee has been working in various roles at Pimlico State High School for most of her career.

Currently as Head of Department for Student Development, Lee is a part of a leadership team seeking to enhance wellbeing practices in education so that young people, and those around them, can thrive and flourish.

“I’m so passionate about education and enhancing knowledge of brain health and the strategies that support it so that our teens, educators and families have more choices in enhancing the protective factors that help them flourish in their lives. I look forward to working with like-minded people on the RESET Advisory Team this year.”


Helen Sheeran

Helen Sheeran

Realising Possibilities

Helen works as a Mental Health Social Worker and Psychotherapist at Realising Possibilities. With a social work career spanning 30 years, Helen is a passionate advocate for enhanced wellbeing of individuals, families and communities. Helen was a faculty teacher at the Australian College of Applied Psychology for 6 years and a casual lecturer and tutor in the school of Social Work at James Cook University.

“Yoga and mindfulness meditation practice is my foundation for a healthy mind and body. Regular practice is key in enabling me to be present and show up each day for my clients and my family with empathy and compassion.”

Helen is currently the president of the Australian Association of Social Workers North Queensland and a member of the AASW Social Policy and Advocacy Committee where she volunteers her time lobbying state and federal government to fund programs and services that enhance the lives of vulnerable people in our community.

“Working with parents of school aged children who are suffering with anxiety and depression and as a mother of a daughter beginning her journey into adolescence, I am keenly attuned to the pressures facing young people today and the urgent need to provide tools and programs that can assist them to grow into resilient adults.”


Andrew Schubert

Andrew Schubert

Improved Solutions

Andrew is the founder of Improved Solutions, which is a local, veteran owned North Queensland company that works with businesses and non-profits to improve business performance through metric driven product strategies. With a young family that includes a son entering high school soon, Youth RESET resonates with Andrew as he understands the mental loads that our youth are exposed to in this day and age.

“With the pressures of improving grades, constant social media connection which includes exposure to cyberbullying, and our environment of uncertainty, this all creates continued mixed emotions which our youth often struggle with. I believe that a regular RESET can benefit our youth through channelling their focus onto themselves in a positive way. Just like us adults take-five at times of increased pressure, I advocate for a regular unwind session for our youth to ready them for the next experience of the day.”


Joe Mikaele Ah-Kuoi

Joe Mikaele Ah-Kuoi

Strive Lane

Joe is a former education leader and current founding director of Strive Lane. He is passionate about supporting young people to help them reach their full potential. He is driven to leave a lasting impact on our next generation by providing unique learning experiences through leadership and character education.

“For far too many years schools and families have been exponentially setting unrealistic expectations for young people to reach without equipping them with the emotional awareness to cope under the circumstances. If young people are expected to move into the workforce and make their mark on the world, it is vital they develop the right tools to become emotionally and socially prepared for this challenge. They can achieve this with Youth RESET. It is an honour to be working alongside Jasmine and the Youth RESET team to ensure young people believe they have what it takes to make a positive impact on themselves and their communities.”


Lian Schmidt

Lian Schmidt

Design Lab 23

As a professional graphic designer for over 20 years, Lian is passionate about providing her clients with “full business branding” from logos to brochures, books, signage, sports apparel and everything in-between. Lian’s work can be found locally, nationally and internationally and she has also been the graphic designer for our founder organisation – Sundalah, since it’s inception in 2008.

As a mum, business owner and an athlete for much of her life, Lian values yoga in her week to bring balance to her body, dissolve stress, and stay healthy. This understanding is why Lian chooses to be an advocate for and support the Youth RESET vision.

“As someone who benefits from yoga personally and professionally, I have also witnessed how steady and calm my son is after yoga. I would love to see this program in more schools as these life skills are invaluable to manage stress when life gets a little too much!”

As a RESET professional advisor, Lian provides In-Kind design time as the creator of our branding and resource designs. We are extremely grateful for Lian’s ongoing support which has helped launch, create and grow the Youth RESET mission.


Dr Renae Acton

Dr Renae Acton

Education Researcher, PhD

As an educator, Renae has worked with young people in primary schools and adult education settings for the past fourteen years. As a researcher in the field of education for over ten years, Renae’s work has investigated both teacher wellbeing and student wellness, as well as the need for inclusion and belonging in teaching and learning experiences. Her view is that a sense of openness around the prevalence of stress and anxiety, along with access to a range of strategies to improve wellness, is essential in countering the impacts and stigma that can be associated with experiencing mental health concerns.

With professional and personal experience of the value of yoga and meditation, Renae is an ongoing advocate for programs such as Youth RESET, that provide support for students (and their teachers) to navigate life’s challenges.

“One of the most worthwhile things schools can do to support young people is to help them develop their emotional awareness. The mindful awareness skills within yoga and meditation are beneficial strategies that provide people time and space for self-care, calm and connection in an often chaotic and accelerated world.”


Lynne Maltby

Lynne Maltby

LMM Design Envision

Lynne graduated as a Mechanical Engineer in 1991 and worked in various positions in the Building Services fields until 2011. She then decided she needed a change and pursued other design fields which led to her finding a passion for Graphic Design and Website Design. Lynne now has her own business called LMM Design Envision.

Since becoming a mother, Lynne has been dedicated to finding ways to enhance the health and well-being of her son, as well as our next generations of children. She believes the focus of our educational institutions should be on the whole child, including their social and emotional well-being and not just their academic, sporting or artistic achievements.

“When I joined the team at Yoga Tools For Schools Inc. in 2012, I saw how yoga in schools can make a positive difference to the personal and social capabilities of our students and support our educators to improve in-school health and wellbeing. RESET strategies are so important today to develop specific self-awareness and self-regulation tools, which are empowering throughout life.”

As one who has practiced yoga for many years, Lynne knows how yoga has the ability to not just improve physical health, but also brings inner peace and happiness in our challenging modern world. Lynne is dedicated to sharing this with our current and next generations in any way she can which is why she supports the Youth RESET vision as a professional advisor. Lynne provides In-Kind IT and website support to help us make a lasting difference in our education system and communities in the coming years.


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