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The RESET Framework

Youth RESET is a body-breath-mind self-care program which has been supporting the wellbeing of young people since 2019.

The RESET Framework is also an acronym which incorporates the mindfulness practises of yoga via…

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Each RESET class is a series of choices and focus areas which bring calm and ease into the body and mind. Students can also choose to learn the RESET series at their own pace and create a personal RESET practise. No tech required!

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Youth RESET has been supporting young people in the Townsville region since 2019. We collect anonymous participant feedback at community classes to monitor and gauge program effectiveness. 

Participants have shared changes from feeling tired, stressed, overwhelmed, anxious and confused before a single class; to feeling calm, centred, refreshed and relaxed after the class.

“Emotional disorders can profoundly affect areas like schoolwork and school attendance. Social withdrawal can exacerbate isolation and loneliness. At its worse, depression can lead to suicide.”
W.H.O. – September 28, 2020

“Anxiety and depression are the two most common mental health conditions experienced by young people and this health burden is greater than any other mental or physical health condition.” 
Monash University – March, 2020

Positive Changemakers

Meet the Team

​Youth RESET has been carefully developed to support the social and emotional needs of young people to help them navigate a safe pathway through life’s challenges. Currently there are no other programs like Youth RESET offered in our region.

Jasmine Healy-Pagán

Jasmine Healy-Pagán

Founder / Director / Teacher - Trainer

As an entrepreneur for most of her adult life, Jasmine’s work supporting all ages spans three decades in Australia and the USA. As a teacher, trainer, writer and program director, Jasmine has facilitated health, wellbeing and yoga programs in schools, after school clubs, at events, in workplaces, community centres and in a variety of private and business settings since the 1990s.

As a parent since 1999, and a wellbeing educator in schools since 2006, Jasmine continued to witness the minimal priority given to the wellbeing of staff and students within the education system; while the demand for mental health and emotional support escalated each year. This ‘wellbeing gap’ is why Jasmine has continued to invest her time and experience in developing this RESET Framework to help empower our future generations and those that support them. 

As the founder, program writer and lead facilitator for a Not-For-Profit organisation Yoga Tools For Schools Inc. (2011 – 2018), Jasmine developed and tested yoga and meditation strategies with hundreds of educators and students in QLD primary schools and high schools. Jasmine’s ongoing research supported her in commencing the development of the RESET Wellbeing Framework in 2019. This specific series of body-breath-mind yoga strategies supports the physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing of youth and adults in all settings. 

Learn more about Jasmine and her ongoing community work at Sundalah CommUNITY Townsville, https://www.sundalah.com.au


Tracey Uber Cook

Tracey Uber Cook

Teacher / Trainer

Tracey has been supporting the wellbeing of youth, parents, teachers, carers, and seniors for over 20 years.  As an international yoga teacher, Tracey’s work spans four continents and is passionate about sharing the benefits of yoga practice and philosophy with people of all ages.

As a Program Leader and School Liaison with the Not-For-Profit organisation Yoga Tools for Schools Inc. (2016-2018), Tracey supported the self-care of educators and helped teachers to implement ‘Yoga Breaks’ in the classroom for students to build self-awareness and self-manage their own wellbeing. Tracey has also co-facilitated youth workshops which focus on personal well-being as a priority in being responsible global citizens and taking care of the planet.

Tracey writes for Ekhart Yoga and recently produced an online course for using yoga-based philosophy and techniques to help parents, educators, carers, and kids to manage stress and find peace and balance, in the midst of our ever-complex world.

As a mother of two teenagers, Tracey is very aware of the challenges youth face while navigating the process of growing up in our current times. Tracey is excited to be on the RESET Team to inspire and empower youth with a wide range of wellbeing tools and strategies.


Ruben Kelly

Ruben Kelly

RESET Teacher

Ruben is a RESET Teacher – Level 1 working in schools supporting students with body-breath-mind wellbeing strategies. Ruben also supports many of our RESET programs and events and is completing a Diploma of Youth Work to expand his capacity to support young people.

“I have always been passionate about understanding the influences that have a lasting impact on the way we develop into adults. Having first-hand experience with some of the issues young people encounter on a daily basis, one of my goals is to gain a deeper understanding of the physical, mental, emotional and social influences that impact youth. 

Being a part of this team gives me the opportunity to create calm, clarity and confidence within myself and the ability to share these empowerment strategies with others. Working in this space also allows me to share my experiences to help assist in the implementation of this program and bring positive change!”

Juele Pagán

Juele Pagán


One of Juele’s creative passions is videography and film making. Juele is assisting us with marketing as well as sharing her valuable insights as a young adult in today’s world.

“From a young age I struggled with social anxiety. I was bullied at school and grew up with the incline  of online connectivity, social media and the rapid decline of mental health in young people. I always had yoga around me, but I didn’t fully understand it’s benefits. Upon entering high school, I practiced yoga less because I couldn’t be bothered, or I thought I was too cool to meditate. Reflecting now on the personal struggles I endured throughout school, I understand what it must be like for younger teenagers today. The days I start my day with mindful movement and meditation are the days I can conquer the world! These tools work, and most teens don’t even realise how essential it is to take time to re-centre yourself.

I find the art of film making stunning as well as meditative. Seeing how fidgeting and an unsteady breath transitions into complete calm after RESET is so powerful! You can actually see and feel the energy completely shift! I’m so proud to be a part of this program to help more youth gain access to this experience.”


Oliver Jesshope

Oliver Jesshope

RESET Teacher

Oliver is a RESET Teacher – Level 1 teacher working in schools supporting students with body-breath-mind wellbeing strategies. Born and raised in Townsville Oliver found high school to generally be an experience that offered little to nurture his curiosity and intellect.

“One of my challenges as a young person has been overcoming the feeling of not really belonging anywhere. Gradually I have turned this recurring theme into my strength by being the connector between many different people, and therefore, ideas.”

As an avid reader of history, philosophy, and human nature, Oliver actions his passion for positive change through his work and connections with many community groups and projects.

Reading can be something of a meditation which continues to guide me on my journey to become the greatest listener, learner, and leader I can be. I believe in the greatness of young people once we are reminded of everything we can be and be guided toward. The world and the people in it fascinate me and I believe every single person has something very important to contribute. This fundamental understanding of awakening the human spirit also sits in the foundations of Youth RESET which is why I am excited to contribute to this organisation.”

Dr Renae Acton

Dr Renae Acton

Research Lead & School Advisor

As an educator, Renae has worked with young people in primary schools and adult education settings for more than fifteen years. As a researcher in the field of education for over a decade, Renae’s work has investigated both teacher wellbeing and student wellness, as well as the need for inclusion and belonging in teaching and learning experiences. Renae’s view is that a sense of openness around the prevalence of stress and anxiety, along with access to a range of strategies to improve wellness, is essential in countering the impacts and stigma that can be associated with experiencing mental health concerns.

With professional and personal experience of the value of yoga and meditation, Renae is an ongoing advocate for programs such as Youth RESET, that provide support for students (and their teachers) to navigate life’s challenges.

“One of the most worthwhile things schools can do to support young people is to help them develop their emotional awareness. The mindful awareness skills within yoga and meditation are beneficial strategies that provide people time and space for self-care, calm and connection in an often chaotic and accelerated world.”


Lynne Maltby

Lynne Maltby

Business Manager

Lynne graduated as a Mechanical Engineer in 1991 and worked in various positions in the Building Services fields until 2011. She then decided she needed a change and pursued other design fields which led to her finding a passion for Graphic Design and Website Design. Lynne now has her own business called LMM Design Envision.

Since becoming a mother, Lynne has been dedicated to finding ways to enhance the health and well-being of her son, as well as our next generations of children. She believes the focus of our educational institutions should be on the whole child, including their social and emotional well-being and not just their academic, sporting or artistic achievements.

“When I joined the team at Yoga Tools For Schools Inc. in 2012, I saw how yoga in schools can make a positive difference to the personal and social capabilities of our students and support our educators to improve in-school health and wellbeing. RESET strategies are so important today to develop specific self-awareness and self-regulation tools, which are empowering throughout life.”

As one who has practiced yoga for many years, Lynne knows how yoga has the ability to not just improve physical health, but also brings inner peace and happiness in our challenging modern world. Lynne is dedicated to sharing this in any way she can which is why she supports the Youth RESET vision as Business Manager. Lynne also provides In-Kind IT and website support to help our social enterprise make a lasting difference in education and communities in the coming years.


Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to wear and bring?

Wear comfortable clothes so you can move, stretch and relax. Bring a water bottle and a yoga mat if you have one.

What if I can’t do some of the movements?

Everything in RESET is optional. Do what feels best for you on the day. If you can breathe, you can RESET! 🙂

Can I attend more than one series of RESET classes?

Absolutely! Please join us a often as you wish!

Do I need to attend all five RESET classes?

If you can attend all five classes that’s great, but sometimes life has other plans and we can’t make it. Hopefully we’ll see you at the next class!

Do I need to register online for each RESET class?

No. Your online registration is for each location and RESET series. You will sign in at each class when you arrive.

Do you offer classes for children?

Our RESET & Relax Wednesday self-care series online is an opportunity for families or groups seeking a mid-week energy reset.
We recommend parents or guardians set aside this 60 minute time frame for all to have the option to participate or simply watch, listen and relax while the class is being viewed on zoom.

Calm ∙ Clarity ∙ Confidence

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